Yesterday was the first day of summer, and it sure was a long day. The sun didn't set until late at night, which truly was awesome. What else that was awesome was the fact that I finished a fan tribute I did for Nitrome! Finally, I managed to get a recording of myself playing some of the Nitrome songs I know how on the piano =P. I wonder if Nitrome will consider it as fan art, because technically, music is a genuine art.

Now there are new changes thanks to Wikialabs that might just help improve the Wiki! I like the new editor now; with the old one, the text had a tendancy to scroll off the screen and it was difficult to switch between source and the rich text mode. I'm also liking the idea of comments, actually, but am hoping that it won't affect what's on the talk pages right now. And maybe I'll get used to the new achievement badges. They make me feel competitive, though, and I know I'll never get that far in that sort of thing.

Hey...did you realize that the pictures on the badges can be changed? It could be replaced with something Nitrome related (like the Fish trophy you can get in Aquanaut) or a chest from another game. Just a suggestion.


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