It's finally happened.



Okay FINE I know Submolok has a "fixed" scoring system (which kinda sucks) and I'm most likely going to be knocked down in a few minutes, but STILL this has never happened to me before, and I'm quite proud actually. Also during that playthrough, I managed to never touch the satellite, so I finished all areas 100% before heading off to deposit 642 parts, I believe it was. I didn't time myself this time unfortunately, but with about 600 parts it takes about ninety seconds to completely deposit, so I imagine the maximum would take a few seconds more than that.

Most areas themselves aren't that tough with a bit of practice, but I can't do them consistently, let's put it at that. Well, I never beat Submolok in one sitting...yet. I might stream Submolok on the Nitrome Wiki channel...we'll see.

Also Nitrome should make more metroidvanias; Submolok was a lot of fun. imo

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