Yesterday, I was playing through one of Nitrome's hardest: Nanobots. Over the past few months, I have been playing this game and loving almost everything about it. I find the concept a lot easier to grasp than the first Hot Air and generally the only issue I face with it is the time: Nanobots is like playing ten levels in one go, and passing each individual level of the game can take well over ten minutes each.

Anyways, I was reviewing Special:AllPages for any last stray pages to rename, and noticed the page Super powerups. I wanted to confirm the name's capitalization in Mega Mash. I opened up Mega Mash to see the help menu, and accidentally clicked on "Play" instead (bad habit). That's when I noticed...

Only level 1 was unlocked.

Quickly, I loaded another game, Castle Corp, which I recently completed. Again, I had to start at level 1. I tried loading it on a different browser, but got the same results. It seems as though all my game saves are gone!

For the most part, the only game I really care about losing game saves for is Nanobots, because it takes so much time to beat. I was on level 4 when I lost my game saves. I guess now that I've played through it once, I can get through it again. In the meantime, I'm trying to figure out why they all went missing. Maybe it's because I switched browsers and clearing the cache means deleting the flash storage on Firefox. Or the new Flash player update caused the game saves to disappear. Either way, I can't retrieve them, so I guess I will be spending a lot of time trying to rebeat all the Nitrome games whose game saves are now gone...forever.

And perhaps it's good to have a fresh start on Nanobots. I can't figure out how to get past random matter anyways, though I've only gotten to it about four or five times.

I guess it's also a good time to ask if anyone else is having this problem.

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