Nitrome Wikians, we are about to say goodbye to 2011 as we go forth into another new year: 2012. For some of you, perhaps the new year has come, but for me, it definitely has not. I am pleased to know that so many new users have joined Nitrome Wiki and that we have been doing a lot of great work, as well as fun community things, like a Christmas story and a Nitrome Wiki comic where me - er, my character is about to EXPLODE?

Well, it's clear that we have been having a LOT of fun around here, and I'm glad. One question, I might ask: What is your favourite Nitrome game of 2011? It is now a top 10 list featured on the main page, seen here. Vote in it, if you haven't already!

I guess I will have to get off the computer soon, since I'll be leaving early, but will probably make it back before the new year comes. All's well that ends well! See you all next year!


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