I've been dying of curiosity to ask this, but I didn't know how to direct link Facebook posts until just a few seconds ago. So then...

Back in March, Lee Nicklen posted on his Facebook page two tracks from a game entitled "Furball". Apparently, the development of the game happened back in May 2007, but the game was never released.

Here's the link to the post before the two tracks were released: [1].

This all seemed interesting, to hear of a Nitrome game in development that never got released. However, I was also confused. In the comments for the followup post releasing track 2, a user asked in the comments about whether Furball had anything to do with Roly Poly. It was answered that it was the original development title, meaning that the Furball tracks would be unused Roly Poly music.

On the other hand, an email I got back from Lee Nicklen earlier in the year said the opposite. Quoting from the email:

Ah, now you have reminded me of "Furball". Yes, I suppose I could or should include that. I don't want to confuse people though, and have them panicking that they may have missed a Nitrome game! ;O) FurBall became Fluffball and although it was finished the game was never released - so that's what happened there. Probably for the best, as it wasn't one of Nitrome's better games. Furball an unreleased Nitrome game or just an early development Roly Poly? I'm very tempted to ask Nitrome about this, but they haven't been responsive to most of my emails, so maybe it is best to wait. I just thought this was interesting to look at.


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