Today was an exciting day. After about two weeks of playing, I have finally claimed victory over Nitrome's great Final Ninja Zero! And just to prove it, I have stats.

Well, okay. It was my first time, so I didn't really think about getting money or beating enemies. My main goal was to survive each level and not get fried. While that didn't work on some levels, I managed to beat the game. :/

I suppose the hardest level for me was 14, because I was stuck on that one for a week. I kept getting lost after the part where I passed the stationary cannon. The exit sign pointed left, but left led to a wall.

Now that I have fulfilled my summer goal of beating at least one of the Final Ninjas, I could either try beating the original (which will be hard, because I don't know how to beat out Cyber Samurais) or I could edit more. I suppose I'll go with the latter option while brainstorming strategies to take out the samurai.

Speaking of brainstorming, while playing Final Ninja Zero, I also started to write up a rap about it. Some of you would have noticed this in chat, discussing with the other ninja Takeshi64 about Final Ninja Zero. With his assistance, we will be putting together a rap song about Final Ninja Zero as well as a video to go with it! Originally, there was going to be audio as well, but it didn't go as planned.

Still, Nitromians, get ready for the epic Final Ninja Zero rap!

This is going to be fun.

  Brain Small Fry Random-storykeeper Blot

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