Since I'm now in school every week, I thought I could make it a habit to write a blog post for the Wiki each week as well. Looking back on the Wiki Activity, I have noticed a large number of users switching their userpage formats to the "Tabview", which keeps the page more organized and is fun to use! Looks like I should find a new cool way to present my userpage xD.

I have also been seeing Portals. We seem to have created two so far, Portal:Games and Portal:Enemies. I'm not entirely sure what purpose we are giving them, and I think Emitewiki2 has been wondering this as well. Speaking of which, it also says at the top of Emitewiki2's profile that he is Nitrome Wiki's newest admin! Congratulations!

Getting back to the thing about the portals, I decided to make a Template:Community, which synthesizes all the off-mainspace pages together. Ones such as tutorials, policies and projects will be put together in the template. I also hope to help out with making some of the portals. Maybe we don't need all of them (I can't possibly see how we will be using them), but I think creating (er, using) the community portal will help.

A new forum has also been created. I figured with the number of discussions in the watercooler so far, perhaps it's a good idea to start breaking them down into their own individual forums. So far I've created one simply for Nitrome discussion. In the future, I may also create forums for other topics of interest.

That pretty much sums up what I wanted to say about the Wiki so far. As an off-topic note, this week I got a new iPod touch. It's been pretty useful, especially with the calendar and reminders, and I tried texting with it to my friend's iPhone. This would be a good time for Super Feed Me to come out, but I wouldn't count on its release anytime soon. And, as my sister's been counting, it's been almost two years since Nitrome announced the game was "Coming Soon". Well, in comparison to a milenium, I'd say it'd be worth the wait.

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