Most of you are already aware of the new Nitrome Fanfiction Wiki that was recently set up to accomodate for the astonishing number of fanart that has been in existence on this Wiki for a long time, some that even went unnoticed since their upload. As you begin to transfer fanart to the Fanfiction Wiki, I thought I'd fill you in with some news about the fanart that is currently on this Wiki.

I have spent most of the last two days scrolling through Special:NewFiles and deleting anything that is a personal image or fanart. There were also some duplicate files and unused images that went along with it as well. The characteristics of whether an image qualified for deletion or not pretty much came down to where the image was being used. If it wasn't in use, it obviously got deleted. If it only sat on a blog post, talk page archives or someone's userpage or subpage, it got deleted. You may have noticed red links on certain user's userpages, and this is because they used images on the page that were deleted.

As for other images, yes, there were the personal images that I also got through and deleted. These included screenshots of high scores, awards, pets. Believe me, it's not an easy job, but so far, I've deleted well over 250 images that were personal, fanart or had absolutely nothing to do with Nitrome.

Mind you, if your fanart DOES get deleted, I encourage you to upload it to our Fanfiction Wiki, which was created just to host all these wonderful fanart images. It's pretty much going to be run by the same users who help keep Nitrome Wiki active and awesome (=D), just so we can gather up a good fanart community for the Fanfiction Wiki. (But hopefully, you don't intend to abandon Nitrome Wiki altogether for the fanfiction one - we could still use a lot of help here!)

Now, if there happens to be an image that gets deleted but is on a mainspace page, do let me know as soon as possible; these images can be restored if deleted by mistake. Just remember that fanart can't be uploaded here anymore, no matter how cool or share-worthy it is (I know it sounds harsh, but...). Head over to our new Fanfiction Wiki to share your fanart instead! (I will upload fanfiction once I delete more of these images...see you there!)

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