Saying it loud and proud, school is finally out! Although this means a Socials exam comes next week, I will be back to editing and hopefully helping a lot more with the Wiki.

A couple of months ago, I wrote an earlier blog post that said I would be leaving. I guess that worked out well for ten days, then all of a sudden, I started limiting myself to weekends, then ended up editing a bit anyways. I understand that my edit count has not been up to where it used to be, but hopefully, this summer will change that. For now, I shall take on several tasks:

  1. Writing "Levels" sections for game articles missing them.
  2. Clean up Special:UnusedFiles
  3. Write up articles for Magneboy and perhaps Icebreaker.

I've started to take up three games: Icebreaker, Final Ninja and Final Ninja Zero. All are great games to play, Final Ninja Zero especially. Almost everything about it is fabulous, from artwork, to level design, to music and storyline. Right now I'm stuck on level 14; I enjoy how fast-paced it is, with outrunning the snipers while avoiding SWAT units' bullets. I keep getting lost after I reach the area with the dangerou drop warning signs. There's an exit sign pointing to the left, but left only leads to a wall. Icebreaker is also excellent so far; I played through the first twenty levels in two days, which is big progress from the last time I tried to play it, where I couldn't even pass level 2. (LOL)

Anyways, I will have to get off soon. I will do my best to write up some more articles before I get off. I was going to say some other things in detail, like how I saw the movie "Chronicle" and that it was really good, the way the story is told through the perspective of other peoples' cameras.

I just wanted to say one more thing: it's great to be back, fully back. =)

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