I must admit, unlike other Wikis (and Wikipedia, for that matter), this Wiki is not the greatest at keeping track of their sources. Like for instance, the mounds of trivia users add on pages has become more of a free for all, with editors referencing games to whatever they please. And I'm not saying the trivia you add is necessarily wrong, it's just the how do you know part that counts.

The other day, I managed to get Template:Reflist to work on Nitrome Wiki. This handy template, I figured, could be used to easily cite references or note important aspects that would look ridiculous side by side on the actual article. It might look difficult to use, but actually it's quite easy. For instance, when you read Nitrome Wiki's policy page, you'll notice the first sentence under the "General Policies" heading has a small [1] just before the comma. Click on that, and it should direct you to the bottom of the page, with the top note highlighted.

Your note or reference goes between <ref></ref> tags directly beside the text you want to make note of. So if I want to mention that Nitrome removed the air freshener logo used for dev mode, I would type:

The logo was removed September 1st, 2011 due to copyright infringement reasons.<ref>[ Steamlands Refreshed!] Sept 1, 2011</ref>

After that, I would make a reference heading and add the template underneath it. It could be something like:


Now for the results!


The logo was removed September 1st, 2011 due to copyright infringement reasons.[1]


  1. Steamlands Refreshed! Sept 1, 2011

Some things I'll mention: there can't be any space between the word and the <ref> tags. If there is, it seems as though the Wiki won't be able to recognize it.

Also, what would be good places to cite sources? How about the Nitrome blog for starters! Originally, I had begun to create a list of easily accessible blog links on User:Random-storykeeper/Blog Links. I'm completely aware that this page is messed up ever since got its makeover and will go forth to fix it...but not right now. =)

Signing off!