I just noticed the trailer for Chisel 2 in my subscriptions for my YouTube account, and it looks totally awesome! =D I once tried the first Chisel a while back, but got stuck on that level with the swinging buzzblade diamond things (I wasn't fast enough to outrun them). To me, I guess it was just okay...

Actually, Chisel 2, looks quite amazing. I instantly fell in love with the music (a new variation of the Chisel theme, I suppose?) and the really cool effects and all those cameos, which make this game look really awesome. I can't wait to go play it!

By the way, if Chiseller destroyed the wrong galaxy, as shown in the first game (I watched my sister beat that game-it is probably her favourite Nitrome one of them all), then what is supposed to come next? Will the Chiseller go all maniac-like or something and destroy more planets without the boss' consent? Or will he be shrinking the correct galaxy this time around? One thing for sure: when this game comes out, I'll probably end up playing it just for the music, as with the majority of Nitrome games I keep playing =P.

Contact ^.^ Random-storykeeper ^.^ aka (Doom) 00:05, March 12, 2011 (UTC)

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