It's Friday morning, and the stores are abuzz. Customers run like a stampede of bulls through a white tiled ranch as Christmas songs blast through the loudspeakers.

Actually, that's not what happened thankfully, at least not where I was on a Black Friday. I heard various horror stories of customers shopping on that fateful day, so when I found out I was scheduled to work on this year's Black Friday, I had to admit I was quite scared. Well, the store was busy, but it wasn't as hectic as back-to-school was.

So yeah Black Friday. Apparently it's not as big of a thing in Canada as it is down in the US. Maybe it's because it's a Friday that proceeds a normal Thursday, whereas the states get Thanksgiving. Beats me.

Anyways, I got to play Submolok and yes, I might be overselling it a little. I really really love this game. It's got two things I like: underwater realms and exploration. Sometimes I wish there was a little more variety in the worlds, but the game makes up for it with its difficulty and design.

Yeah I played through it, went back and completed all areas to 100%. My score ended up being in the negatives because the game is based on how much you don't die - and I died a lot on purpose to reset my health. I reset my saves, and am back to test my not dying skills. They aren't the greatest at the moment, but I'm hoping to halve my death count this second time around.

Oh how awesome Submolok would be if it was even more expansive and had different worlds within to explore. I also love the alien language and how it all gets revealed when you complete the game. What are your thoughts on Submolok? It's about time Nitrome gave us a true exploration game.

And surprise surprise, Nitrome reveals yet ANOTHER treat in the form of an icy trailer for Roller Polar, I think it's called? The point is, it has the Avalanche penguin, which means more opportunity for a new avatar. :D I'm quite enjoying my MS Paint creations of this acclaimed character though.

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