Hi everyone! I have just returned from a vacation. I had a pretty good time, and I'm happy to be back on the Wiki and will hopefully be editing some more amidst trying to beat a number of Nitrome games. =D

It's getting late at night, but I did want to make a few points before going.


I got an email that pointed a link to a blog post introducing a new (?) way to promote Wikis. Through Special:Promote, an admin can put a request for their Wiki to be featured on the front page of It may or may not get more users involved with the Wiki, but it never hurts to promote the Wiki in a way that doesn't cross the line of spamming and at least lets some users out there know that a Nitrome Wiki exists. =D

When would be a good time to promote Nitrome Wiki? Certainly there must be some sort of goal we can set to work towards and eventually start promoting the Wiki more to the community. Just food for thought.


Perhaps it is a good time to start up some additional guidelines that will help outline a clear structure for editors. One of the guidelines I had in mind was about writing citations for particular articles. I have a foggy list in my head that I didn't take time to write down yet, but I do think we should discuss this as a community about some items of which is proper and not proper to cite. I'm not sure whether to keep it in this blog post or propose in a forum.

Closing words

Oops, it's past 12 in the morning. I probably sound tired from the look of all the words I wrote. Anyways, RSK out.


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