I get off school on the 2nd of December, which hopefully means lots of time to start collecting the avatars I've been putting off ever since accounts got released.

Anyways, this is just a messed up blog post to note a few bugs I've spotted in profiles, plus some suggestions. Now don't go all "but RSK, Nitrome doesn't have time to fix that stuff!" on me because I am fully aware that these are personal preferences and that Nitrome doesn't have to change them. But is it really so bad to voice these opinions on a blog post?


  • Notification text sometimes hides behind the white bars, or pretty much disaligns itself. [1]
  • Hearting a game in one account then logging out and switching to another account causes the latter to also heart the same game that the first user hearted. Sometimes this shows up in the list of hearted games on the user's profile; other times, only the heart icon is filled in, but doesn't show up on the second user's profile.
  • Heart icon sometimes doesn't display as hearted on the game page for games that show up on a user's profile.
  • Some comments end up in strange places. I posted this in a comment already, but some of my comments for Colour Blind ended up on a blog post about Graveyard Shift's release. And considering the number of comments that the post says it has, compared to the number of comments that actually show up when the show button is clicked, most of them weren't intended for that particular post.
  • I'm told that I'm not logged in to my account before retrieving an avatar in some cases.
  • "Recently Played Games" doesn't always update to show the most recently played games on the account.


Some ideas that may or may not improve account experience for everyone and the wiki.

  • It might be an interesting idea to display the number of avatars users have collected on their profiles. Not the actual avatars themselves, of course, but something like "___ avatars collected" on the profile. I don't know, just giving users an extra bit of incentive to proudly display their avatar collection without really displaying the avatars.
  • Retaining the latest six comments can really cut off ongoing conversations. Maybe a button that either collapses them or one that can lead to a page that shows the full depth of the conversation on a separate page, like how DA deals with commenting.
  • On the subject of comments, it might be nice to give comments a direct url link, considering the amount that have been used as citations for mainspace pages.

A concern

Blabbering text
I'm pretty sure I'll be told I'm not in a position to argue against such improperly presented citations, but think of the implications this could have on the wiki. Are screenshots a really good practice for citations? What if a screenshot, say, was uploaded by another user and modified, but you couldn't tell for sure? You note the blog post the screenshot supposedly was taken on, but the comment was a reply in a continuous conversation and has long disappeared. Maybe you can check it out in Nitrome's "Recent Comments" section, but exactly how long will it remain there until Nitrome continues commenting and the comment practically withers out of existence? And how can other users verify this information a year into the future? The comment can easily be withdrawn or edited at any time. Comments are unreliable sources, and should not be primary references for any article.

Okay, got that off my chest. I guess I never really left. And I thought demoting myself would be enough to make me leave. (Get out of here, RSK.)

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