Five years ago - October 28, 2010, I made my first edit on Nitrome Wiki, and overall Wikia.

It's interesting y'know, 'cause I actually created my account on September 12 of that year, but I wasn't able to edit Wikia until they converted over to the new look. And when I first started editing, I was like trying to space my edits out and not make too many edits in a day. Those were the days lol.

But yeah, it's crazy how I started from this wiki and expanded across Wikia, trying to pick up new skills as I went along. I founded two wikis (not counting my test wiki), and became an admin on several more. The lesson to pick up on this though is...don't adopt so many wikis! Or if you do, expect to not have enough time to edit them all. D:

And of course, on this wiki, there were many fond memories I guess you could say I have. Like:

  • Learning that the Final Ninja series was actually really good
  • The "wiki collaboration" stories - one of the first which spawned on my own talk page
  • Just...being able to help the wiki, and looking back on how the community has changed. Not necessarily for the better or worse, but just changed.
  • Nitrome Wiki gameathons :)
  • Streaming on the Nitrome Wiki Twitch channel and bringing together Nitrome Wikians, casual watchers and sometimes even the game devs themselves.

Anywho I know this a short and not very well thought out reflection, lol. I just do feel a sense of gratefulness having started my first edits here on Nitrome Wiki. It's cool! But weird.


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