Five countries. Five weeks.

Nitrome released accounts. I missed that. I caught the blog post that said Nitrome would release accounts next week, and was a bit disappointed to find that I'd have to wait about five weeks before I could have an account, though I did get to talk a lot with my sister about what games we'd play when we got accounts, and how the whole avatar system worked and stuff. I hope Nitrome will make game saves functional per account soon.

Nonetheless, I had a very um, "hot" trip? The last few days of the trip had hot, humid weather almost reaching 40 degrees Celsius. My family and I would go out for walks on the street and come back completely drenched in sweat. Even the shade was just as hot as being exposed to the sun. I'm just glad air conditioning exists! Being used to cool summers may have its disadvantages, as this trip pointed out.

There was a lot to do and see throughout this trip, from the busy streets of Tokyo to massive rainfalls in Korea, the Terracotta warriors in Xian and snorkeling in Malaysia. Oh yeah, and Malaysia has great chendol. And pineapple juice. If you know where to look.

And I went to some other places as well...not going to list them all because that would be quite an exhaustive list.


So uh...I guess I missed a lot. I'll put that out blatantly. I haven't passed out on the floor yet from jet lag, so I guess I'm okay. How are you all doing? How are accounts?

I created an account, by the way. Randomstorykeeper, if you want to add me. And I'm looking to add people. So be there.


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