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  • Random-storykeeper

    To all Nitrome Wikians, both new and old:

    I hope you have, had and continue to have a wonderful day. Merry Christmas! There is snow here this year! And it's gonna be a lonely Christmas.

    Penguins forever! :P


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  • Random-storykeeper

    While I was on vacation, I made a mistake of reading through half of the blog posts in Blog:Recent posts. I got up to page 50 or so and kind of...felt a bit sad. It seems this year, in particular, is a big year of change, and this wiki is no exception. The change seems to be lack of things, rather than the addition of things. Yeah, users that used to hang around here frequently are rarely seen. And as for those who make blog posts, mm well, it seems there isn't much time for making blog posts anymore.

    And hey, that's not a bad thing, of course. Things don't always stay the same. So for old times' (or new times?) sake, have a long rambly blog post where I put random topics into level 2 and 3 headings!

    So a longish time ago, Wikia introduced p…

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  • Random-storykeeper

    Hi everyone,

    Most of you who regularly hang out in Nitrome Towers (aka our wiki chat) have probably, at some point, received an invite to our Discord server. For those of you who don't, yes, we indeed have a Discord server for the Nitrome Wiki community. It is free to join, and an account isn't necessary (as long as you're not on mobile), though is recommended.

    I've been on mobile devices a lot more frequently as of late, but from what I gather, there are still some active users that hang out on both the wiki chat and the Discord server. So for the time being, both options - those being the wiki chat and the Discord server - stand as places to communicate live with the wiki community.

    Discord is relatively new (at least in comparison to wiki …

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  • Random-storykeeper

    By chance, I've noticed that a number of our Mega Mash videos have gone missing, particularly because the account associated with them is inactive.

    While this may be the only one I've discovered thus far, it's probably a good idea to have some sort of project community page for video maintenance. I was pretty sure NOBODY had one for walkthroughs, which involved a complex case-by-case system for each video per game. Seems tedious, but hey, if it works for someone, then it's worth something.

    So I'm not sure if NOBODY would consider allowing a merge of his video project with the additional task of addressing videos that are broken. Just a personal quip, but it might make sense to just focus on videos that could use improvements in areas such as…

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  • Random-storykeeper

    Well this was originally going to be a forum thread, kinda derailed into rambling.

    This wiki seems to be leaning towards creating an article about Ultimate Briefcase, the first "published" game by Nitrome. But the concern seems to be: Is it "Nitrome" related enough?

    My question to that is: If Ultimate Briefcase (and other published Nitrome games) should not have its own article on Nitrome Wiki, where else is it going to go?

    It may be worth noting that Ultimate Briefcase is credited to Nitrome on the App Store - and by that I mean the same account where Nitrome has released mobile games of their own creation, such as Rust Bucket, Beneath The Lighthouse, Gopogo, etc. Nowhere in the game's description (in the store) is there any indicatio…

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