Hi everybody! I'm Port1967 and I joined this wiki one week ago! Since then,I've been doing small edits to pages,creating top 10 lists and polls,working on my user page and earning badges.

This blog post is basically a review of my first week on the wiki!

Day one:I joined the wiki,learned editing basics,tried them out and worked on my userpage. Day two:I edited some more,started Poll of the Day and worked even more on my userpage. Day three:I continued editing,finished my userpage basics and started commenting on blogs. Day four:I continued editing again and took some screenshots for articles. Day five:I continued editing yet again,took more screenshots and suggested a battle for Battle of the Week. Day six:I continued editing once more,started using the Fan Fiction wiki and made my current avatar. Day seven:I could not think of anything else to say about editing,tried making a top 10 list and made this blog post.

The first week was great and I hope to continue contributing to the wiki!

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