Hi everybody! This is Port1967 about to summarize his wiki days since he wrote the 'Two Weeks on the Wiki' blog post!

Day fifteen:Added stuff to my second top 10 list.(Credit to Pufflesrcute for adding stuff with me)

Day sixteen and seventeen:NOTHING MUCH

Day eighteen: I earned my second most recent badge.(Credit to Frostyflytrap for making the blog post where I earned the badge)

Day nineteen:I err...MUD MONSTER MUD MONSTER... waited err...paitently? for the second Square Meal level pack.(Credit to Sim)

Day twenty:I got to level 48 in the level pack.

Day Twenty 1:I got to level 50 in the level pack.

Day Twenty 2:I attempted the Nitrome Wiki game.(Second credit to Pufflesrcute)

Day Twenty 3:I beat the level pack!

Day Twenty 4,Twenty 5 and Twenty 6:NOTHING MUCH

Day Twenty 7:I attempted Find the Mystery.(Credit to Superyoshibros20) and attempted Test subject fanart.

Day Twenty 8:I continued Find the Mystery.

Day Twenty 9:I did some more Test subject fanart.

Day thirty:I took a break from Find the Mystery to give others a chance and wrote this blog post!

ONE LAST CREDIT:To <insert name here> for reading this!

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