Hi everybody! This is Port1967 about to summarize his wiki days numbers 31-60!

Day Thirty 1:I gave Superyoshibros20 a Diamond Badge for creating Find the mystery!
Day Thirty 2:I had my last day on Find the mystery!
Day Thirty 3:I made a cheesy mistake on my profile.
Day Thirty 4:I edited Bluefire2's signature.
Day Thirty 5:I made a page.(Coins (Icebreaker))
Day Thirty 6:I hinted at this blog post.
Day Thirty 7:I tried Gouchnox Mysteries.
Day Thirty 8:I created Test Subject Timer(random)
Day Thirty 9:I...well...TwoWeeks.jpg
Day Forty:Nothing much
Day Forty 1:I started editing Pest Control.
Day Forty 2:I started Find the mystery answers, guesses and more!(This was meant to be a collection of all MY answers and guesses, but Superyoshibros20 added the link in his blog post, so I changed it into a collection of EVERYTHING in Find the mystery!)
Day Forty 3:I finished editing Pest Control.
Day Forty 4:I added the Male characters and Female characters categories to pages.
Day Forty 5:I added level 3 to Test Subject Timer.
Day Forty 6:I created the Robots category.
Day Forty 7 and Day Forty 8:I continued with the Robots category.
Day Forty 9 to Day Fifty 9:Started editing a little less than usual.
Day Sixty:I got the Dedicated badge and I got on the wiki's leaderboard!

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