• Port1967

    Port's Fav Wikis Collide!

    August 13, 2014 by Port1967

    Hey Nitrome Wikians! You may have seen my poll yesterday saying 'Something big is coming...'

    Well now I am ready to announce that thing!

    Yesterday I participated in a challenge by a Miiverse user named Marco Polo where there was a bunch of video game icons and we had to guess the games they were from.

    I have decided to do my own version of this over here on Wikia! This will take place on Clicker Games Wiki and will (hopefully) have contestants from this wiki, Tasty Planet Wiki, Sling Fanon Wiki, multiple clicker games wikis(Cookie Clicker, Candy Box), Le Miiverse Resource Wiki and some Rayman Legends players! Each group will have its own team:

    Team Nitrome
    Team Tasty Planet
    Team Sling
    Team Clicker
    Team LMR(Le Miiverse Resource)
    Team RL(Rayman Lege…

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  • Port1967

    Bullethead Avatar?

    April 15, 2014 by Port1967

    Hi all! Today I have some news!

    First of all, I will stop summarizing my wiki days. Second of all, This is my 100th day on the wiki.

    And third of all...

    In Nitrome's profile it shows they have being playing Bullethead recently. This could be hinting an avatar hidden in Bullethead! I will look for it now just in case.

    Port1967(Ditto) 07:39, April 15, 2014 (UTC)

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  • Port1967

    Belated Dedicated!

    March 22, 2014 by Port1967

    Hi everybody! This is Port1967 about to summarize his wiki days numbers 31-60!

    Day Thirty 1:I gave Superyoshibros20 a Diamond Badge for creating Find the mystery!
    Day Thirty 2:I had my last day on Find the mystery!
    Day Thirty 3:I made a cheesy mistake on my profile.
    Day Thirty 4:I edited Bluefire2's signature.
    Day Thirty 5:I made a page.(Coins (Icebreaker))
    Day Thirty 6:I hinted at this blog post.
    Day Thirty 7:I tried Gouchnox Mysteries.
    Day Thirty 8:I created Test Subject Timer(random)
    Day Thirty 9:I...well...
    Day Forty:Nothing much
    Day Forty 1:I started editing Pest Control.
    Day Forty 2:I started Find the mystery answers, guesses and more!(This was meant to be a collection of all MY answers and guesses, but Superyoshibros20 added the link in his bl…

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  • Port1967


    February 4, 2014 by Port1967

    Hi everybody! This is Port1967 about to summarize his wiki days since he wrote the 'Two Weeks on the Wiki' blog post!

    Day fifteen:Added stuff to my second top 10 list.(Credit to Pufflesrcute for adding stuff with me)

    Day sixteen and seventeen:NOTHING MUCH

    Day eighteen: I earned my second most recent badge.(Credit to Frostyflytrap for making the blog post where I earned the badge)

    Day nineteen:I err...MUD MONSTER MUD MONSTER... waited err...paitently? for the second Square Meal level pack.(Credit to Sim)

    Day twenty:I got to level 48 in the level pack.

    Day Twenty 1:I got to level 50 in the level pack.

    Day Twenty 2:I attempted the Nitrome Wiki game.(Second credit to Pufflesrcute)

    Day Twenty 3:I beat the level pack!

    Day Twenty 4,Twenty 5 and Twenty 6:N…

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  • Port1967

    Two Weeks on the Wiki

    January 19, 2014 by Port1967

    Hi again! This is Port1967 about to summarize his second week on the wiki!


    Day 8:I kinda stopped going crazy for edits,created a userbox and edited a top 10 list. Day 9:I added a profile link to my profile and posted a tip for creating levels on the Square Meal Level Creator. Day 10:I added a favourite game userbox to my profile. Day 11:I added a tabber to my userpage. Day 12:I made a new top 10 list. Day 13:I suggested another Battle of the Week and made more userboxes. Day 14:I joined another wiki(on My Favourite wikis on my userpage) and made this blog post!

    I'll get back to article editing soon...

    SEE YA!

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