Hey everyone! Recently I have noticed that there are lots of stub articles and articles missing information. I realize that these do occasionally get polished up, and that stubs have that neat list on the front page that helps users know what needs help, but I feel that lots of these old articles are forgotten about as Nitrome releases new content. So, after chatting with NOBODY, we have agreed that a good way to help out these articles with missing information is to make an event of it. What better way to get users to be more likely to edit old, forgotten pages (and not only that, but do LOTS of it) then to make an event of it? This event, known as the Editing Speed Run, will occur on a specific date (to be determined) as this will make it easier for users to plan on being available that day to participate in the event. This is how it will work; log in to your account on the Wiki and go to the tab at the top of the page. See that button that says 'Random article'? Give it a click! Once you have arrived at a page, it's time to get to editing! Regardless of what page you find yourself on, there's bound to be some kind of information you can add or elaborate on, and if not, articles are always in need of a good spell check! Once you finish editing, publish your edit and then make your way back to that 'Random article' button to continue your quest. Or, if you'd like to direct your attention to smaller articles in need of lots of information (you may know them as stubs), go ahead and take a look at that list of stubs that is linked to the front page. Once we get the exact date of this event figured out (look out for an update on that) we will proceed with the plans. This event could really help out the Wiki in a big way, and we hope you can all make time to participate! Thank you all and keep up that awesome writing thing you do!

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