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  • My occupation is writer and memelord.
  • I am eating cashews.
  • Plasmaster

    Editing Speed Run!

    August 22, 2014 by Plasmaster

    Hey everyone! Recently I have noticed that there are lots of stub articles and articles missing information. I realize that these do occasionally get polished up, and that stubs have that neat list on the front page that helps users know what needs help, but I feel that lots of these old articles are forgotten about as Nitrome releases new content. So, after chatting with NOBODY, we have agreed that a good way to help out these articles with missing information is to make an event of it. What better way to get users to be more likely to edit old, forgotten pages (and not only that, but do LOTS of it) then to make an event of it? This event, known as the Editing Speed Run, will occur on a specific date (to be determined) as this will make i…

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  • Plasmaster

    I realize I havent been here exactly a year, but 2013 is coming to a close very soon. Do you want to know what I want for Christmas? I want a clue as to how things work on the Wiki. I have learned a lot this year, like how to write articles, how to add a template to an article, I learned that there are certain kinds of templates that correspond to certain kinds of articles (thank you NOBODY), but there is still a lot that I am not sure how to do. I don't know how to add an image to an article, I don't know how to actually collect images to post on the Wiki, I don't know how to add an image to a template. Those are just some examples (funny how they all involve images, huh?) Anyways, I guess what I am really doing here is sending out a dist…

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  • Plasmaster

    I am a new Wiki contributor, so I'm a bit new to this. Anyways, I've noticed something about the Triclopian article. The Triclopians are the enemy aliens in the game, not the main characters. I've come to think this because the enemy aliens have three eyes (thus TRIclopians). I think we need to work towards fixing this issue. If you think I am wrong, that's fine just let me know on my talk page. I would really like to know what you think about this.

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