I' m so late that I "made" the gift in a different year.

This is my first time to take part in Secret Santa.Being busy is a lame excuse for no progress.Laziness than puzzlement is the cause of stretching the time limit.(I'm not able to lie.)

Klem had reminded me by QQ but I was guilty for no gift.I kept selience and disappeared from Wikia,planning not back until I made it.However,delaying was addictive.I know it's wrong to take to the woods.And I fear losing friends or to be an evil man.So I decided to stop my fault adding and apologize.I am owing Stplumboder a gift!

It's all my fault to ruin this game.The gifts might be very important for you while I overlooked them.I deserve no gift for me.I should bravely take the consequence.May the sense of guilty make me more hard-working and I promised to get rid of laziness at the beginning of the new year.Supervise me please.

I make up for my fault.I an still not sure whether this bookmark can be the gift of Secret Santa.For its picture isn't related to Christmas and I can't send it between two countries yet.


③It can be folded as change direction.

④(An earlier work but missing)

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