I liked HA Jr so much that I am going to try and beat Hot Air 2. I am on vacation, and my goal is to beat it while I am gone. I am on level 5. I am glad I will finally get to see some of the cool art NOBODY talked about!

Update: I hate being timed. :( I thought that level seemed too easy. But I beat 5.

Update: Level 6 beaten. Forget about the stars!

Update: I swear that thing was teasing me. But I beat 7.

Update: Beat 8. Once again, I hate being timed. I can't help but think how much easier it would have been in Hot Air Jr!

Update: Piece of cake. But those mines were annoying.

Update: I beat octoboss. Hard, but not as hard as 8.

Update: That was the hardest level, definately. So far. Here I come, 12.

Update: Got tired of all of these updates, so I skipped a few. I am now on level 15.

Update: Be back tomorrow, and I'm at 17. The centipede level was surpisingly easy.

Update: Stuck on the level with the blue balls of gas.

Update: At Baron Von Blimp. I can't figure out how to beat him, although I wounded him once. I am willing for game cheats for this level, as long as you put it in a mini spoiler.

Update: Never mind. I beat it!

Update: I might as well go for Hot Air now!

Update: I am on the level with the three spinning wheels.

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