If any of you have read this blog post, then you will have a little idea of what I am talking about. I was just wondering what generation everybody would be, based on when you discovered the wiki. I have a little list of them, that I am planning on growing:

Legendary (Sept. 18, 2008-Jul. 8, 2009)

1. CL* Admin, Bureaucrat.

2. User:Bulbear4444* Admin, Bureaucrat.

3. BNK* Admin, Bureaucrat.

4. Snowy Bulborb* Admin.

5. Nitrome Boy* Admin.

6. Greennave* Admin, Bureaucrat.

7. NOBODY Admin, Bureaucrat.

Gen 2 (Jul. 9, 2009-Dec. 23, 2010)

1. Pufflesrcute* Rollback.

2. Matacorn*

3. RSK Admin, Rollback.

4. TCG

Gen 3 (Dec. 24, 2010-Sept. 16, 2011)

1. TNY

2. Axiy

2. Santi Admin, Bureaucrat.

3. Emitewiki2 Admin.

Gen 4 (Sept. 17, 2011-Feb. 16, 2012)

1. Lilonow

2. Grammar Cat

3. IJZM*

4. Bluefire

5. Takeshi64


Gen 5 (Feb. 17, 2012-present)

1. Ac4e

2. CandD

3. AD12E - No point in listing him twice. For those of you who don't know, he had two accounts. This was his first one.

4. User:CharChar2352

5. SQhi

6. Frostyflytrap

7. Tigerlegs

Gen 6

Generation has not started, and will not start until the next big Nitrome or Nitrome Wiki-related milestone, such as Nitrome 2.1 or a certain amount of users. New users will still be assigned to generation 5 until this happens.

I only have a few of all of the users here, so if you are not listed the say it in the comments. Also, if any of the admins want to edit this blog post to list more users, they automatically have my permission to do so.

Also, here is a page that Takeshi64 found: [1]


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