Hi all!

Yesterday, I got a message for NTPYTO (whose username is a short version of Not the person your thinking of) and Wikia that there was this thing they launched called Wikia Alliances.

From what I read on the page for it, it's some sort of thing where Wikia tells you certain stuff before it happens (yes, I gave a very very bad definition).

Anyway, there are three alliances: Fantasy Fellowship, Heroes United, and SciFi Galaxy. What Wikia doesn't say is whether you get different content regardless of what alliance you pick.

So here is my questions: what should we pick? Should we pick all three alliances, two, or one? Since they don't say what the differences are, then I guess we should just pick all three (so that we don't miss out on anything).

So, what should we pick?

Update: Wikia has been vague when describing this alliance thing. For one, although you get promoted and get access to exclusive stuff, that is at the cost of having 1-3 banners on the right side of your main page (depending on how many alliances you join).

For us, that will push content down on the right side, however, it won't drastically affect the main page, people will just have to scroll down a bit to see the featured article and other stuff.

I think it would be good if some emails Wikia and asks them to explain in full what this "alliance" thing is, because, Wikia has obviously omitted something important.

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