Hi all!

On this blog post on Community Central, they are running a contest where if you dress up your Wiki for Halloween and post a link to your wiki, you can win the grand prize of being featured in all three Wikia hubs - Entertainment, Gaming, and Lifestyle - and also get some sort of cover story promotion and 1 month worth of Wikia Spotlight.

So, what will be done to change the Nitrome Wiki? My idea is to try to use some of Nitrome's great art and try to do some really cool things that likely won't be seen on any other wikis. Ideas include:

  • Having two large pieces of the Horror skin that scroll when you scroll, similar to what was done with the Nitrome Wiki Touchy skin.
  • Change the front page image banners to some Halloween colours and also change the images into a Halloween version.
  • Changing the Nitrome Wiki logo is now done through uploading an image and changing a URL somewhere on some MediaWiki page to display the logo. Since the logo is no longer uploaded through theme designer, I thought that I could try making a logo that is a .gif, and has something moving in it. That would really catch Wikia's eye and likely amaze them, as if anyone else does this (it's possible, but not likely), those wikis which use a moving logo would likely be remembered.

Now, the reason I want to use two enormous parts of the Horror skin that scroll with a page is not because I have something against the regular tile background, the reason I wanted to do this is because the Horror skin has much more detailed art and exclusive content that cannot be found in regular Nitrome games.

Do any of you remember the My Little Pony incident on the Nitrome Wiki, when the background of the My Little Pony Wiki was displayed on the Nitrome Wiki for 1-2 days? This was all by accident, however, the .css code My Little Pony Wiki uses to display large backgrounds (without Theme Designer) could possibly be used to display the Horror skin in full.

I'm not sure what we could do for the animated logo. Perhaps a small isometric (the Nitrome logo you see at the start of a Nitrome game, during the startup, notice how it is almost 3D like? That's isometric) Nitrome logo among some moving skeleton hands that were seen in the 1.5 Horror skin?
For general colours of the Nitrome Wiki, purple could probably be used. Well, that's all from me. Share your ideas!

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