Hi all! After reading about cell structure in my science textbook - just yesterday I was reading about enzymes - I came down here to see if Nitrome had released Test Subject Complete. They had, and I became super excited. I raced through my other subjects (this excitement didn't impact my learning), and went to play.

After completing it 5 hours later - seeing the ending and such - I want to known something, did you find Test Subject Complete was very well done? Did you look the unique gameplay introduced? What about the ending? Remember, if you want to write something down that may spoil the story for someone,try write the spoiling content between a {{Spoiler/mini| and }}.

I found that Test Subject Complete was marvelous. The art was very good, especially the art for that "unique mode". Although the story - I found - was good, I found it didn't measure up to other games stories such as Canary. Still, it was good.

The amount of different content in the game made it quite different than other Nitrome games; the final level reminded me of Nitrome Must Die's final level. The ending had nice music, which, I was unable to capture in my video of the ending.

Is Nitrome reading too much of the Nitrome Wiki?


I'm a scientist! No, I'm a professor! Wait, let's go look up what I am on the Nitrome Wiki.

I usually think Nitrome never reads the Nitrome Wiki... which makes sense. Why would Nitrome want to read about something that they created? Other than see the crazy parallels we make between other game/movies, there really isn't much to read about if you're someone who actually makes the games and content that your fans write about.

Along with seeing the crazy parallels we all make, they probably like to see us argue over stuff too. Well, anyway, back to the subject. Do you think Nitrome has been thinking that everything on the Nitrome Wiki is true? I'm not saying any of its false - for a lot of things, we have to make up names because a lot of stuff Nitrome makes don't have any names. I wonder if Nitrome believes all our name's our true, because, for around two years, the Scientist was named Professor.

I picked the name "Professor". When Test Subject Blue got a 2.0 the "Professor" was named "Scientist". The Nitrome Wiki members who stalk the Twitter accounts of Aaron Steed and read through every Nitrome comment of Facebook, looking for Nitrome information, went and renamed the page "Scientist".

And since then, it was called "Scientist". All those links to "Professor" have now been changed to "Scientist". Well, on the release of Test Subject Complete, the so called "Scientist" is now called a Professor, and not even once called a Scientist! Does this show that Nitrome reads the Nitrome Wiki? Or am I just paranoid?

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