Hello everybody! With permission, I've been allowed to go on Youtube and search of walkthroughs for Nitrome games. I plan on going through all Nitrome games and providing walkthrough for them. The reason I pick to do this is because, many pages have there level section empty.

I've found that text walkthroughs are helpful, but video walkthroughs are even more helpful, as video walkthrough allow you to see what you have to do. Anyway, I plan on doing this by my self, but if people want to help, they can.

In fact, helping would be very easy, as you only have to put down Template:Vid walkthrough and include the video. If I get enough people wanting to help, then I'll put down some tips about getting a good video.

Anyway, I'm starting with Ice Breaker 2 and plan on starting on Hot Air 1. Please not that if you want to help, upload the videos to wikia instead of having the Video's code between a <youtube> and </youtube> tag, as although this considerably speeds up the process of putting all the video walkthroughs down, people who come to the page will be happily greeted by an enormously annoying lag, that lasts for a long time and happens every time.

Uploading the videos to wikia tosses the lag into a pot of yummy jerk chicken, which boils the jerk chicken, causing the lag to come out lifeless.

Anyway, I plan on doing this because this could considerably increase traffic to the Nitrome Wiki, as the Nitrome Wiki serves as an encyclopedia for Nitrome and a large library of walkthroughs, without you having to search on Google/Youtube for a walkthrough.

On another note, does anyone have any objections to me putting up walkthroughs for Nitrome games on the Nitrome wiki? Because, if you think I shouldn't be doing this and its a waste of time, you should say so in the comments.

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