Hello all

Yet again I catch something before Nitrome does - this time something important. Three Nitrome games have been nominated for Jay is Games Best of 2012. The three games are:
Swiindler icon Swindler in the Physics category
Flightlessicon Flightless in the Puzzle-Platform category
Gunbrick icon Gunbrick in the Puzzle-Platform category

Thus, you have three fine Nitrome games to vote for. Will you vote for the til 'n tumbling Swindler? Or what about the rolling RPG-like Gunbrick? Or how about the Metroidvania Flightless?

What I would suggest is for those who haven't played any other games in the Physics or Puzzle-Platforming category (or have only played the Nitrome game in that category), to vote for the Nitrome game in that category (that is, if there isn't another game in that category that surpasses the Nitrome game in that category).

For the Puzzle Platforming category, I suggest that you should vote for Flightless (again, assuming there isn't an even better puzzle game in that category). Because, if Flightless won, then it would surely rocket Flightless past the Greenlight stage.

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