Yes, it's true. No DV2. I found this out 2 weeks ago when Tobie (A.K.A, NitromeTobie) posted the reply for a email that Mat replied to (Mat wrote the Email). And after that, Tobie posted the reply email on Nitrome World. Here's the Reply (Below) (Email writen by Mat, posted on Nitrome World by Tobie).


Hi Tobie,

we would like to make a Dirk sequel at some point and I think that Simon who did the art for both Dirk and the Halloween Background and Aaron who coded the game would both like to make one. We do not as yet however have any imediate plans in place and it is not going to happen before the end of the year as there is not time.

People in general have read too much into the Martian Underworld was just a silly story to put at the end of the game rather than a hint at the sequel and the reference in Final Ninja was just a quick fun cameo which we often do in our games if you look for them. It might go with that theme if we made it but we have not commited to it so it's impossible to confirm what we would do for it.



And here's what everybody thought was from DV2 before Graveyard Shift was released:

  • In Final Ninja Zero, on level 18, when Takeshi goes down the first long drop, a message from Monty appears on the screen. The message (Below).

Right Dirk...

What? You again?! Get off this channel!

  • Before Graveyard Shift was released, everybody thought the Zombies on the Party Skin were from DV2.]

  • I think someone on Nitrome World posted something about on a blog, Simon said: I hope the Original Dirk Valintine can tide them over till were finished with the sequel : But I'm not sure if I ever saw that.

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