Hi all!

Regarding this topic on the giant tree planet article, I am making a page titled "Earth". Why? Well, because a long time ago, I thought Canopy and Small Fry took place on the same planet seen in the opening of Cheese Dreams. Nitrome disproved this, so I split the Small Fry and Canopy sections into their own articles - Forest (Canopy) and Forest (Small Fry), as the sections for each game were rather big.

I was left with the Cheese Dreams section of the giant tree planet. I was just going to scrap it, but seeing as many Nitrome games take place on Earth, I thought that it would be interesting to create an articles which covers every Nitrome game that takes place on Earth, those that mention Earth, and those which have some evidence for being on Earth, but not enough evidence to fully support taking place on Earth.

So now, before embarking on such a big article like this, I thought I should get community consent first. What I'm doing is asking the community if it would be okay to create an article. The reason I'm doing this is because I have previously done this with two other pages that were eventually deemed not notable of their own article.

Now, both of these required time to make, and because I don't want events like this to happen in the future, I would like to ask the community if it would be okay to make an article like this.

As mentioned before, this article:

  • Will cover games that take place on Earth, by first explaining what points to them taking place on Earth, and then describing the environment in that place
  • Games that mention Earth will also be covered
  • Games will be covered that have content that point towards taking place on Earth, but not enough to show they fully take place on Earth

So, discuss away! If any of you want to see the work in progress article, head over to the Earth article.

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