Hi all!

Have any of you read about the upcoming update to Wikia that will soon be rolled out across all wikis?. One of the most notable updates it will do is update page text size to 14pt instead of 13pt. Now, for some of you, this increase in text size doesn't change anything.

However, to you who do not like the text size, you can change in it your global.css page on Community Central (although you require an account). Now, I don't like the text size, so in my global.css, I've put in code that keeps the original text size.

Now, I've put into the MediaWiki:Wika.css this same code, so all who view the Wiki will see page text as they usually were. However, should we keep the text 13pt (how it currently is now) after Darwin comes out, or should we just let Darwin increase text to 14pt?

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