Hi all!

Have any of you ever heard of the Nitrome game Spacescape? Of course none of you have! Because it was never a Nitrome game! The truth is, I am the creator of the mythical Nitrome game called Spacescape. Now, after reading the last section, you will probably think I'm insane or deliberately messing with your mind.

Truth is, although I didn't create the basis for Spacescape, I created the idea it was a game. Spacescape (as I say a second time) is not a Nitrome game, but a very large piece of art Jon Annal (the bro. of Mat Annal; Mat created Nitrome).

Still confused? Read on.

The history of Spacescape

The creation

Spacescape was created sometimes in 2004. It was on September 19th 2006 that Jon Annal uploaded the image to his Pixel Joint account, and provided some information on it. Word from Jon (in italics):

This is a design for a clip folder for Avery that I did about 2 years ago. Thought I had lost the original, as i've been looking for it for ages but finaly found it on an old dissused zipdisk in a big box of junk......Huzzar. As you can see it is a mixture of oldschool classic games and film. References can be found from Alien, Doctor Who, Xenon, Space Harrier, Pac-man, Asteroids and command and conquor type stratagy games. The final design never made it to print unfortunately being replaced by another design idea I did for the company in vectors. It is full of flaws now I look at it again with more experienced eyes, but it is what it is. I still like it a lot. Please click to see full piece. Crits always welcome.

So as you can see, Spacescape was a folder design made by Jon Annal for a company called Avery. He made it in 2004. I'm not sure what "The final design never made it to print" means, but this is an integral sentence that you should remember as it is likely responsible for the considerable confusion caused later in the history of this great image.

Also, this is the image: 640px-Spacescape_folder.gif

Through use of magical wikicoding, clicking the below image will take you to the full image on the Nitrome Fan Fiction Wiki.

The confusion

Now, nothing happened to the Spacescape folder design until April 1st 2010. On that day, a user by the name of Pufflesrcute create a page titled "Spacescape Folder Design". This page was rather small, and consisted of the each letter of the word "unidentified" linking to several articles about some of the characters in the game.

I went and created an article, treating the article as though Spacescape was a game. Many of the articles on the Spacescape template were created quite quickly. What I loved about creating these articles was how I didn't have to apply a transparent background to every photo (I used to do that a lot, back then, to all Nitrome images).

So, I went and created articles for this "game" for 3-4 days. 2 years later, in 2012, it was requested that all pages except the main Spacescape article be deleted. Well, this was carried out. The Spacescape article was eventually deleted by me, as there really wasn't any reason to have an article on art, right?

So for 2 full years, a week, and a few days, was how long the Spacescape article and its incorrect information was up for, and it was in April 2012 that the article met its demise, so it could not deceive anymore.

The spreading

Unfortunately, the time the article was up, the article could not resist at deceiving people. Yes, it deceived people. Even though we linked to the source, and simply just elaborated things, people still thought it was a game. We could not prevent the spread of Nintendo characters eating the Spacescape astronauts, this incorrect information from reaching Wikipedia, and people wondering why the Nitrome Wiki is incomplete due to a lack of the Spacescape article.


One myth surrounding Spacescape was that it wasn't released due to a lot of glitches. What are glitches? Glitches are errors. What is the art form of glitches? This is explained below:
Glitch = x
x \over Glitches
x = Flaws
In non math terms, Glitches are the video game versions of flaws. So as you can see, Jon saying the art is "is full of flaws" is where people got the idea of glitches. And as you can probable see, my math formula is wrong.

How this incorrect information was created

I don't know. I think it was because Jon Annal said "The final design never made it to print". Also, the idea of it being a game originated from me, maybe the idea came from the large look of the image, and all its points and shooting and stuff?. Nitrome never said it was a game, I said it was a game. So don't go asking Nitrome what happened to Spacescape, as they likely won't understand what you're talking about.

The answer

To refresh your mind, I'll say it again: the idea of it being a game originated from me, and not Nitrome. Spacescape was a folder design, not some game. So if you email/ask Nitrome about what happened to the Spacescape Folder Design, you will likely get one of these responses:

  • I don't know what you're talking about (well, Jon made it. I wouldn't think Jon would share his work with his bro., Mat Annal)
  • That was never a game (the Spacescape Folder Design was art!)
  • That was art (the Spacescape Folder Design is art, so you get your question answered)
  • Some insane, weird, or funny response (link to this blog post and you will likely get a response like this)
  • An endless line of LOL's (Nitrome will likely laugh that you think this art is a game)

In short, read this entire blog post thoroughly before asking what happened to Spacescape.


I'm an admin on this wiki, so I can look at deleted articles. If I get enough people want to see the articles for this game, I'll post them. So if you want to see the article, post in the blog comments you want to see them (even if you don't have an account you can post comments!).

Closing words

Read the description for art thoroughly before thinking it is lost art from an unreleased game.

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