Hi all!

Ever heard of April Fools day? It's a North American event (not a holiday) that last for the entire day, at which people play jokes on each other and other stuff relating to what I just said. Anyway, I thought of doing it. I first thought of doing it in 2011, but missed the deadline. In 2012 I postponed doing it because I would think most people wouldn't understand it.

So here I am again, asking if it would be permissible to do it. What I would do is change the Featured Article, Battle of the Week, "What's new" slider (all four images), the this month's logo section (make the logo myself, write in first person, criticize it heavily), modify the "Did you know?" section with five did you knows, modify the wiki news, nitrome news, and below the helping out section.

I would like to ask if I could do this as, due to the diversity of different cultures that come, some may misunderstand. If any of you want, I can also put up a draft of what I am proposing be done to the front page.

Also, if would only effect the front page, nothing else. Oh yeah, if you are still unfamiliar with April Fools, visit the April Fools day page on Wikipedia.

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