Last night I had a dream I purchased Hot Air 2 for Wii. Since I had already got past the first 10 levels, I started playing level 11. My Balloon had a blue head, and was going through this course with many bullet bills coming from many directions. I found this course Mario like, as I had to dodge so many bullet bills. For some reason, I found the game a ripoff, I don't know why though. The game was in 3D, 3D Nitrome games being just some thought I had.

After that, I began playing Bullethead 3D, which bears more of a resemblance to Graveyard Shift. I got bored and left, then Emitwiki came and grabbed the controller from me and started playing, he somehow shot down this big pink bug like boss. I think the Hot Air dream came from me being really excited for Hot Air 3, the art for the Hot Air Series is so good! The game's are also fun! However, I hope Nitrome doesn't have the gameplay too much like the original - the original is the second hardest Nitrome game!

The bullethead one probably came from Lilionow's Laserhead. Well, just thought I'd write these dreams down here, as it is the first time I had a dream with two 3D Nitrome games, and the Fanart Wiki and Nitrome's preview image were released a little bit before the dreams.

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