Hi all!

A project I am currently running - Project Revise 3 - is coming to a close. The project is about revising all the articles on the Nitrome Wiki. Anyway, I started the prelude of the project on December 26th 2011, then started the initial first project (Project Revise 1).

It involved me listing a whole bunch of articles that needed to be fixed. Due to the long time it took for me to do it, and that I wasn't really doing anything, I cancelled it. I resurrected the project and started it again on Project Revise 2. It was mostly the same thing, only that articles were listed according to the years the games were released.

This succeeded, so I started Revise 3. It was about going through all Nitrome Wiki articles and fixing them up. After that was done, I planned on doing a variety of things. What I plan on doing now is adding a "Reception" section to all game articles. This section will describe how well the game was received and the goodness ratings it was given by other sites.

I was inspired to do this by reading Wikipedia, as anything that can be reviewed usually has a reception section. Anyway, when saying something in a reception section (such as quoting a review), you have to provide a source for where you got that content for.

Anyway, currently, the only site I know of for Nitrome game reviews is Jay is Games, some indie game website, and Edge. Does anyone know any other gaming websites that have reviewed a lot of Nitrome games?

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