Hi all!

You long time users here are probably familiar with how only Nitrome pictures are allowed here, right? And how personal an fan fiction isn't? Well, I've noticed how we've had a problem where new users tend to upload (sometimes) fanart or an personal image, this signifying that they haven't read the policy.

Now, I wouldn't bring something like this up if it only happened to a few people. However, it seems to have been happening to mostly every new user. Now, we don't want to bite the newcomers. If we do so, then they may not come back.

Now, I discovered this page on another wiki - MediaWiki:Uploadtext. It displays something at the top of the image upload form. This would be a great place to tell users what to upload, yes?

So, below is what I want to add to this. Since I would be adding something everyone would see, I thought it would be best to get approval from the community before making a big change to something. So, below is what I want to add:

Touchy background left
This form can be used to upload a photo to the Nitrome Wiki. However, bear in mind a few things:
  • If you are uploading multiple photos, please use Special:MultipleUpload.
  • Please give your images descriptive names. Instead of uploading a picture of Hot Air with a name such as "afdhgseghwetyw474556246", give it a name such as "Hot Air-Hot Air Balloon".
    • You don't have to rename an image on your computer if it has a nonsensical name. You can input what you want the file to be named on the Nitrome Wiki in "Destination filename:" box.

  • Please do not upload an image unrelated to Nitrome. If you want to place an image unrelated to Nitrome on this wiki, please upload the image to an imagehosting site such as Photobucket, then follow the direction on this page.
  • If you have fanart and would like to embed it on the Nitrome Wiki, please upload your image to the Nitrome Fan Fiction wiki, then follow the instructions on this page.

For a picture, I picked the seemingly confused Cuboys, as it fits with the box. Anyway, this is just my idea. Discuss below, and if all of you are happy with what I'm proposing, I'll add it to the page.

Fell free to suggest additions or subtractions from what I'm suggesting. Also, feel free to suggest a different image.

Update:; RSK suggested a shorter version. I've placed it below:

Touchy background left
This form can be used to upload a photo to the Nitrome Wiki. However, bear in mind a few things:
  • Personal images included on user pages, blogs, etc, must be uploaded off wiki on an image hosting site (see this page for details on embedding these type of images). Nitrome fanart can be uploaded to the Nitrome Fanfiction Wiki.
  • Names for the images should describe what they are depicting. Images can be renamed from the filename if necessary by changing the destination filename.
  • Multiple images can be uploaded at once with Special:MultipleUpload.

I added the line "(see this page for details on embedding these type of images)" as it seemed necessary.

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