Hi all!

Ever since December 26th 2011 of last year, I've been trying to fix up all the articles on the Nitrome Wiki. I aimed to document all articles and what was wrong with them (which began Revise 1), but found that that wasn't such a good idea (it would take long). Next, I redid the project and put down all articles by year that had problems (this begins Revise 2).

Fortunately, some people came and help (although the majority of edits were done by me). With Revise 12 concluded, I began Revise 3. Although it did only start out with me, other people joined (although the project was still done mostly by me). However, Ayernam and NTPYTO began helping, and rocketed the project to completion.

Revise 3, started in October 2012, I believed would take an entire year to complete. However, with Ayernam and NTPYTO working, it was finished on February 14th 2012. Thus, the project spanned only 4 months. Anyway, this project is here to highlight the hard workers who worked hard working hard (yes, I meant to say that).


50px-5557081.png Ayernam is a hard worker who worked very hard on the project (some cases, better than me). He completed a majority of sections, and even help add rules to the main project. Ayernam worked by going down a vertical column of a section, which, was very efficient.

Ayernam completed a considerable amount of articles, reading them thoroughly to exterminate errors, and also to sometimes add necessary content. He even contributed images of Nitrome characters as they appeared in a skin! Yup, Ayeranm is a hard worker.


Not the person you're thinking of, shortened to NTPYTO, is an editor here. Although he did enter a stage where he made very few edits, he returned back to help out more. Helping out with Revise 3, he went through each section, fixing up pages like Ayernam. Leaving no word unturned, no spelling could escape his eye.

NTPYTO helped a lot on this project, and helped finish a lot of sections. Kudos to NTPYTO!

Other users

Other users who helped out with this project:


Although you joined at the last minute, you still helped the wiki post-Revise 3 by editing articles. Good job!

Grammar Cat

For doing absolutely nothing! You came, worked on a few articles, then hogged the section for all eternity! Eventually, I had to come and bring it back from you! Thanks for doing nothing at all, even though the entire reason you came back to the Nitrome Wiki was to help! Ha! Help? More like "Hog section for all eternity and try to capsize project by hogging section"!

Santiago Gonzalez Martin

Thanks for starting the project off and helping!


Thanks for trying to help out! Although your section was taken, thanks anyway for trying to help out! At least you learned how to move a page without deleting it (many people probably struggled over that).


For not helping at all! Seriously, you start a project, then don't help with it? And seriously, you didn't even edit sometimes! C'mon! You started it, now work with it! Seriously, why can't you do anything right without botching it? And seriously... edit more and help with the wiki! And finally... quit being a Numbskull Knuckleheads!!

Well, thanks for helping!

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