When it was just me editing the wiki, it was kinda nice. All projects at that point could be completed by me, as I wouldn't get bored. Currently, all projects can be completed by me as I don't find them boring. I may get sick of editing the project, but often this just hinders me and slows it down (like the Enemies (Hot Air) page, I got so absolutely sick of making it). These projects I have to force myself to do them as no one else will do them.

RT Thumper

I can't complete the entire project using a Thumper!

Now, Project Revise is nearly complete! However, currently, I am getting sick of editing it. And as I mentioned, it slows things down. Well, Revise 2 seems to be getting considerably slowed down, as currently is is just me editing. CandD was nice enough to help, and is currently helping (Thanks CandD!).

However, I kindly ask if users would come and help, because if it's done completely by me, the project will likely span many months, and it's only until this project is complete other things can be done on the Wiki. This problem with the pages this wiki has is really preventing it from getting Wikia Spotlight, amongst other things.

So I kindly ask if people would join and help, as if they do, Revise2 can be completed much faster, and when it is completed, stuff like Wikia Spotlight can be achieved.

Revise 2 here.

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