Hi Nitromians,

Today's Pixel Love game is REDDER by Desgeega! You play as an astronaut who has crash landed on a red planet and has to collect gems to power up your damaged spaceship.

We found this game was very well done, with lots of exploration and gems to collect to keep you busy. The game's secrets and length created an experience comparable to that of console based games such as Portal and Super Metroid. Did we also mention that the game also has mysterious music to go along with its mysterious story?

Play REDDER: Click Here!

Since Nitrome didn't produce a Pixel Love game today, I thought it would be good to make a Nitrome like Pixel Love post for probably one of the best flash games I've ever played - REDDER. Other than Final Ninja, Graveyard Shift, Tower of Heaven, Supper Puzzle Platformer and Depict 1, REDDER is one of my favourite games.

The game is very long (the longest non-Nitrome game I've ever played), has great art, and an exceptional story. The game's story is really good, but I shouldn't say anything about it as it would spoil everything about the story for you.

So, even though Nitrome didn't have a Pixel Love game, you can play this game instead to substitute for Nitrome's Pixel Love game.

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