Weekly update: October 26 - November 1

What happened last week on Nitrome Wiki? Find out here! Weekly updates cover notable contributions to Nitrome Wiki over the past week, each of update listing notable edits to currently existing content, new information added to articles, and notable new images.

New content

On the Castle Corp article Megaphantaze added the introduction for all levels after level 7, added tips for levels 19 and 21, and added a glitch in the Glitches section. [1]

The release of Beneath The Lighthouse last week brought several changes to the article. The opening of the article was updated and several sections were added: Gameplay, written by Random-storykeeper; In-app purchases; Versions, covering the game's different updates; Promotions, covering where the game was featured; Levels, containing video walkthroughs of levels 1-3; Glitches, created by Megaphantaze, and Cameos. The Preview section was updated with two more previews and their accompanying GIFs, and the Development section was updated with development content (3rd paragraph onward). [2]

Megaphantaze added on the Castle Corp player weapons article in the power bombs section a glitch regarding power bombs and a trivia point in the Trivia section. [3]

For the Magic Touch Wizard for Hire article, Megaphantaze added in the Arcade section other spells usable in Zen mode and in the Level design section the level design of Zen mode. The Update 4 section was expanded with other changes it brought, and in the Beta elements section a new section called "bracket balloon" was added and the purple balloon section was revised. [4]

The Castle Corp King CEO (Castle Corp boss) article was greatly expanded by Megaphantaze, who added an infobox for the page, an image of the character, and the Game information and Appearance section. [5]

On the Castle Corp knights article, information that was previously listed as a glitch was elaborated on by Megaphantaze and moved into the Castle Corp Game information section (bottom paragraph) by NOBODY. [6]

Team19867 edited the Startups article and added the Beneath The Lighthouse startup, along with a GIF of it. [7]

Arcadia artrix added to the Onekey jumping guardians article and Onekey flying guardians article information about each character's appearance.
Jumping guardians: [8]
Flying guardians: [9]

The Beneath The Lighthouse boy article was created, the initial article being created by Tema19867 and the Appearance section being filled in by Megaphantaze. The infobox image of the boy was added by Frostyflytrap, while the Gallery images were added by Tema19867 and NOBODY. [10]

Megaphantaze added to the Skywire 2 cat article information about the cat's appearance. [11]

Notable new images

Team19867 added to the Nitrome 2.0 icon page in the Mobile games section the icons of Beneath The Lighthouse. [12]

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