What happened during the past 5 weeks on Nitrome Wiki? Find out here! Editing updates cover notable contributions to Nitrome Wiki over the past weeks, each update listing notable edits to currently existing content, new information added to articles, and notable new images.

Notable new images

AustinCarter4ever added to the Austin Carter article an image of the character in Gopogo. [1]

She also added an image of Justin Bennet in Gopogo. [2]

GouchnoxWiki added to the Ditto snakes article a statue of a snake. [3]

New content

The Gunbrick Protagonist page was renamed "Gunbrick dude" by SporeVideos3. NOBODY and Megaphantaze also added content pertaining to the character's Magic Touch mobile and Go Pogo appearances. [4]

NOBODY and Megaphantaze made the following changes to articles:

Updated the Gopogo article, adding a Controls, Gameplay, Characters, and Beta section. A levels section was also added, containing a short description for each level and the game's ending. Also, the Development section and Announcements section was updated. Finally, TinyCastleGuy added the game's music to the article (uploaded by Random-storykeeper). [5]

Added to the Beneath The Lighthouse article in the Versions section information about new Google Play updates. [6]

Revised and expanded the Versions section of the Roller Polar article and the Roller Polar birds.

Updated the Rust Bucket article with a Gameplay section and Enemies section. [9]

Swordman97 created the Silly Sausage mobile Doghouses article. [10]

On his own, Megaphantaze made the following changes to articles:

Added glitches to the following articles:

  • In the Dog House: [11]
  • Cave Chaos: [12]

Created the following articles:

  • Gopogo characters: [13]
  • Beneath The Lighthouse Auto-winch: [14]
  • Roller Polar Bearwear: [15]

Added to the Magic Touch mobile article a list of the game's achievements. [16]

Grammar Cat added to the following games pages a description of the ending and updated the ending image.

Frostyflytrap created the Beneath The Lighthouse Grandpa article. [19]

Team19867 added to the Startups page animated GIFs of Gopogo's and Rust Bucket's startup and a short description of each startup. [20]

GouchnoxWiki edited the following articles: Updated the following Turnament and Rust Bucket articles with content from Rust Bucket:

He created the following Rust Bucket articles:

Ruttut added to the level sections of all the Bad Ice-Cream games the enemies and fruit encountered.

  • Bad Ice-Cream 1: [26]
  • Bad Ice-Cream 2: [27]
  • Bad Ice-Cream 3 (style edits by TNY): [28]

The Turnament series article was created by Tema19867 and edited by GouchnoxWiki and TNY. [29]

Notable edits

Takeshi64 fixed the grammar in some of the character descriptions on the Magic Touch Wizard for Hire Wizard article. [30]

Thanks for reading!

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