Weekly update: June 8 - 14

It's weekly update time again!

Notable edits

Nitromian Poptropica added a description of Silly Sausage in Meat Land's ending to the ending section of the game's page. [1]

The the walkthrough for level 3.8 (Stag Beetle) of Pest Control was updated to fix an error. [2]

New content

Green Ninja was released on mobile last week! Random-storykeeper added the Gameplay and Levels sections to the article, and also expanded the game's Interactive objects, Enemies, and Hazards section, these sections also helped by Megaphantaze, NOBODY, and Mje20011. A "Versions" section was added along with a "Reception" section. [3]

The Green Ninja character article was created, having content added by NOBODY, Tema19867, Megaphantaze, and Nitromian Poptropica. [4]

The Development section was added to the Nitrome Must Die article, this section covering the publicity surrounding the game, its release, updates, and some development information. [5]

The jelly bean ninjas article was created and contributed to by Megaphantaze, NOBODY, and Nitromian Poptropica. [6]

Notable new images

Tema19867 added to the Startups page a .gif of Green Ninja's startup. [7]

Nitromian Poptropica added images of the Green Ninja frog to its page. [8]

He also added to the jelly bean ninja article an image of each ninja. [9]

You've reached the end of this short weekly update! Thanks for reading!

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