A weekly update... on Monday?

Notable edits

Random-storykeeper made two disambiguations (pages that list other pages with the same name): one for rats and one for electric blocks.
Rats: [1]
Electric blocks: [2]

Grammar Cat elaborated on the ending of the following games:

  • Bad Ice-Cream: [3]
  • Bad Ice-Cream 3: [4]
  • Feed Me: [5]
  • Graveyard Shift: [6]
  • Hot Air 2: [7]

New content

The Green Ninja: Year of the Frog page was updated with how it has been submitted for review to Google Play and Apple. [8]

NOBODY and Random-storykeeper expanded the development section of Feed Me. [9]

Nitromian Poptropica created the Platform Panic pipes article. [10]

The Pest Control page was expanded with a walkthrough of levels 1.1-1.9. [11]

The Nitrome Touchy page was revised. Under the "Purchase" section, the "Game purchase" section was renamed "Purchasing games" and the section was overall shortened, along with elaboration on the use of Touchy premium across multiple iOS or Android devices. The usage section was revised, along with and game adjustment section; a section covering significant game changes was also added to this section. [12]

For the Rainbogeddon page a "Development" section was added. [13]

A "Development" section was added to the Bump Battle Royale article. [14]

Megapahtaze added to the glitches page some glitches from Platform Panic and Nitromian Poptropica added an invisible platform glitch from Fluffball. Platform Panic glitches: [15]
Fluffball glitch: [16]

Random-storykeeper added to the Fluffball article walkthroughs of levels 5 and 6. [17]

It was added to the reception sections of 8bit Doves and Endless Doves how they were downloaded a lot in Japan. 8bit Doves: [18]
Endless Doves: [19]

Added to the Gunbrick mobile page was a gallery of the game's cutscenes. Frostyflytrap also fixed a slight error in the game's synopsis - the saucers encountered late in the game are Gundisks, not UFOs. [20]

Notable new images

Nitromian Poptropica added to the Platform Panic hazards page images of the hazards, adding an image of a spike block, images of crushers, and a horizontal laser image to the laser section. [21]

The opening of Green Ninja: Year of the Frog and the game's short Vine video were posted on the game's article. [22]

Tema19867 added to the Magic Touch Wizard for Hire wizards page sprites of Magician, Invizi Bill, Voodoo Shaman, The Skull, and Evil Warlock. [23]

MatiasNTRM added an image of the ending of the Nitrome Jam version of 8bit Doves. [24]

Nitromian Poptropica added images of the sprites and shop screens of Spacegirl?. [25]

Thanks for reading this week's weekly update!

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