Welcome to this week's weekly update! Weekly updates cover notable contributions to Nitrome Wiki over the past week.

Notable edits

On the Startups page the description of the Green Ninja startup was expanded. [1]

Emitewiki2 revised the Parasite forest spirits article. [2]

New content

Megaphantaze added how the Fire spell (activated by drawing a heart) is not ended by activating the fast forward spell (activated by drawing 𝜑). [3]

Nitromian Poptropica added to the Glitches page a glitch for Cooped Up and Megaphantaze added glitches for Lockehorn, Mallet Mania, Nitrome Must Die, and Office Trap. [4]

It was added to the page of Magic Touch mobile, Silly Sausage mobile, and Silly Sausage flash how each was featured by the French newspaper Libération.
Magic Touch mobile
Silly Sausage mobile
Silly Sausage

More information was added to the Green Ninja article regarding its influences (bottom paragraph of the Development section) and also information about a cut game component (Beta elements section). [5]

Nylon070578 created the Green Ninja mines article. [6]

He also created the Green Ninja flames article, which was revised and expanded by Nitromian Poptropica who also added a picture to it. [7]

For the Nitrome Must Die article, information was added to the Development section that covered the game's development time and reasons for not being Nitrome Touchy compatible. [8]

Frostyflytrap changed the name of the Toxic 2 "Computer person" article to "AI". [9]

Nitromian Poptropica added to the Fat Cat Cat page some more details to the description of its Fat Cat appearance and added a description of its Nitrome Must Die appearance. [10]

The Vault article was created, with contributions by Megaphantaze and NOBODY. [11]

It was added to the Feed Me article in the Development section a short fact about Nitrome's thoughts on the extending neck via eating bugs mechanic (second sentence). [12]

The Feed Me series' bugs article was completely overhauled. All the previous information on the series' bugs were added back to the page and revised, with revision being carried out by NOBODY and appearance sections written by Emitewiki2. [13]

For the Flightless article, in the Development section the original reason for putting the game on hold was slightly expanded (second last paragraph). Also, a new reason was added for why the game is currently on hold (last paragraph). [14]

Notable new images

MatiasNTRM added an image of the slider animation for Green Ninja to the Slider gallery article. [15]

Thanks for reading!

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