Welcome to yet another weekly update! Weekly updates cover notable contributions to Nitrome Wiki over the past week.

Each of these updates lists notable edits to currently existing content, new information added to articles, and notable new images.

New content

Megaphantaze added the following content:

  • For the Rubble Trouble Moscow magnet article, he added the tool's in-game description. [1]
  • The Appearance section of the Rush start robot. [2]
  • He started the 8bit Doves Flying man's Game information section. [3]
  • He also started the Description section of the Ice Temple skin. [4]

The Avalanche penguin's Game information section was edited, the section started by Megaphantaze and further edited by Emitewiki2. [5]

The Green Ninja blocks article was edited, with pictures of each block contributed by Megaphantaze and article content contributed by him, Nylon070578, and NOBODY. [6]

The Reception section of the Silly Sausage article was edited to add an event the game was played at. [7]

Project Jump and Plod were updated with minor development information.
Project Jump: [8] (third paragraph)
Plod: [9]

The article on Beneath The Lighthouse was created. [10]

Nitromian Poptropica added to the Bump Battle Royale article descriptions of levels 6, 7, and 12. [11]

Notable new images

Nitromian Poptropica added to the Hot Air character article an image of Hot Air on a shirt in the Nitrome shop. [12]

On the Comments module article Megaphantaze added a picture of the module. [13]

He also added a picture of a Quackbot's cameo in Green Ninja. [14]

Emitewiki2 added to the Mallet Mania interactive objects page a picture of several interactive objects. [15]

He also added a GIF of the Frost Bite Climber. [16]

Hyperscore added to the Flash Cat pads article images of the pads. [17]

He also added various images to the Flash Cat Power-ups article. [18]

You have reached the end of this week's weekly update. Thanks for reading!

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