What happened on Nitrome Wiki over the past 3 weeks? Find out here! Editing updates cover notable contributions to Nitrome Wiki over the past weeks, each update listing notable edits to currently existing content, new information added to articles, and notable new images.

Notable new images

TNY added content to the following Stumped pages:

  • Enemies: added images of the eyeball and hand enemies from different angles. [1]
  • Interactive objects: added an image of the finish line and the different locked and unlocked gates. [2]
  • Pick ups: added an image of a green key, a pink key as it appears in Super Stock Take, and the severed foot stepping on a pumpkin. [3]

NOBODY added to the Skywire page a beta image of the game. [4]

Megaphantaze added to the Beneath The Lighthouse Auto-winch page a GIF of the hazard's effects. [5]

New content

Megaphantaze added to the Beneath The Lighthouse article the achievements in the game. [6]

He also added to the Gopogo page a video that contains a full walkthrough for the game and the times where each level appears in it and updated the "Announcements" section. [7]

Wiki dg added to the Hot Air Jr article a glitch from the game and an image of it (bottom glitch). [8]

GouchnoxWiki added to the Rust Bucket article a short description for each level, dates to the Previews section and pictures of previews, and some preview content to the Development section. NOBODY added the "Versions" section, which covers the update history of the game. [9]

GouchnoxWiki also added to the Turnament series enemies article, expanding the Brain monsters section and adding the following enemies to the page: mimics, ghosts, and centipedes. [10]

TNY updated the Stumped Pick ups page with a section about the pink key as it appears in Super Stock Take. Previously on Nitrome Wiki, this key's cameo appearance was mentioned as being a cameo of a key from Mirror Image. [11]

Random-storykeeper added to the Roller Polar page a Glitches section and a glitch, accompanied by a GIF of the glitch. [12]

GouchnoxWiki added to the Chisel 2 article a glitch and a GIF of it. [13]

Megaphantaze added more information to the Appearance section of the Enemy 585 goal flag article. [14]

That's the end of this week's editing update. Thanks for reading!

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