It is time for another weekly update! Weekly updates cover notable contributions to Nitrome Wiki over the past week.

Each of these updates lists notable edits to currently existing content, new information added to articles, and notable new images.

New content

Hyperscore added the Controls section of the Yin Yang article. [1]

On the Skywire article, information on the game's cancelled story was added. [2]

Hyperscore created the Slippery track article, this being an obstacle in Off The Rails. [3]

The Beneath The Lighthouse article was updated with a minor fact (opening sentence). [4]

For the Green Ninja article a video walkthrough of level 62 was added. [5]

The Mutiny seagulls article was edited. Megaphantaze added some clarification to the Game information section while NOBODY cleaned up that section's grammar. [6]

The Bucket article was updated with a fact which was omitted from the game. [7]

DerpyDoodle added to the Small Fry article a text walkthrough of levels 24 and 25 and also rewrote the Gameplay section. [8]

MatiasNTRM added to the Dream Trek Nitrome Jam article the game's ending and a walkthrough of the game. [9]

A video walkthrough of the Nitrome Jam game Baku The Dream Eater was added to the game's page. [10]

Nylon070578 created the Gunbrick (mobile) people article. [11]

Notable new images

The Slider Gallery article was edited by MatiasNTRM, who added in the "Browser version" section in the "2013" section an image of Icebreaker mobile's slider animation and to the "Others" section loading images for different Nitrome sliders versions. A "Mobile version" section was added, which covers mobile slider images. [12]

He also added to the Nitrome Jam page images and a GIF of the startups for the Nitrome Jam games. [13]

GouchnoxWiki added several animated GIFs and images to articles.

Nitromian Poptropica added to the Feed Me venus fly trap page two pictures of it in the Shop banner. [14]

He also added to the Chick Flick chicks page an image of a chick from the Shop banner. [15]

Tema19867 and MatiasNTRM added to the Nitrome 2.0 icons page the "Free avatars" icons seen in mobile games. [16]

Well, that wraps up another weekly update. Thanks for reading!

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